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Ambianum (Amiens, France)

The short-lived mint at Amiens was opened during the revolt of Magnentius in 350 A.D. Some ancient sources state that Magnentius' father was a Briton and his mother a Frank and Ambianum is believe to have been Magnentius' birthplace. The mint at Ambianum struck for Magnentius and his brother Decentius. It remained open briefly after Magnentius was defeated, striking for Constantius II and Constantius Gallus. Dates of operation: 350 - 353 A.D. Mintmarks: AMB, AMBI.

Magnentius, 18 January 350 - 10 August 353 A.D.

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On 28 September 351, at the Battle of Mursa Major, Constantius II defeated the usurper Magnentius. The battle was one of the bloodiest in Roman military history. During the fighting Marcellinus, a general of Magnentius was killed, but Magnentius himself survived.
RL77938. Billon heavy maiorina, RIC VIII Amiens 23 (S), Bastien MM 125 (8 spec.), LRBC II 13, SRCV V 18817, Cohen VIII 69, aEF, edge cracks, small areas of porosity, tight flan, mintmark poorly struck, weight 4.031 g, maximum diameter 23.1 mm, die axis 45o, Ambianum (Amiens, France) mint, spring 351 - 18 Aug 353 A.D.; obverse D N MAGNENTIVS P F AVG, bare-headed, draped, and cuirassed bust right, A behind; reverse VICTORIAE DD NN AVG ET CAE (victories of our lords, Emperor and Caesar), two Victories standing confronted, together holding wreath containing VOT V MVLT X in four lines, staurogram (rho-cross) above, AMB and crescent in exergue; from the Butte College Foundation, ex Lindgren, ex Frank S. Robinson; scarce; SOLD

Decentius, Caesar, July or August 350 - 18 August 353 A.D.

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A key coin for collecting a set of all Roman mints. The mint at Amiens was established by Magnentius in the middle of 350 A.D. Only one officina was established. The mint was closed in 354 A.D. and never opened again.
SH34556. Billon maiorina, RIC VIII Amiens 24 (S), Bastien MM 126, LRBC II 14, SRCV V 18877, Cohen VIII -, aEF, brown patina, weight 3.628 g, maximum diameter 21.7 mm, die axis 0o, Ambianum (Amiens, France) mint, obverse D N DECENTIVS NOB CAES, cuirassed bust right; reverse VICTORIAE DD NN AVG ET CAES (victories of our lords, Emperor and Caesar), two Victories holding wreath encircling VOT X MVLT X, staurogram (Rho-cross) above, AMB followed by a crescent in exergue; scarce; SOLD



Bastien, P. Le Monnayage de Magnence (350-353). (Wetteren, 1983).
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