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Laodicea ad Mare (Latakia), Syria

The Laodicea mint, like that at Emesa, operated for Septimius Severus' family, from 195 to 202 A.D.

Septimius Severus, 9 April 193 - 4 February 211 A.D.

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This type refers to Severus' victories over Parthia. Severus assumed the title "Parthicus Maximus," greatest of Parthian conquerors.
RS87643. Silver denarius, BMCRE V p. 288, 675; RIC IV 514 corr. (palm vice trophy); RSC III 741; SRCV II 6373, Choice gVF, light toning, some die wear, weight 2.883 g, maximum diameter 18.8 mm, die axis 0o, Laodicea ad Mare (Latakia, Syria) mint, 198 - 202 A.D.; obverse L SEPT SEV AVG IMP XI PART MAX, laureate head right; reverse VICT PARTHICAE, Victory walking left, wreath in extended right, trophy of captured arms in left; Parthian captive at feet on left, bearded and wearing a Parthian cap, seated left, looking up and back at Victory, hands bound behind back; $160.00 (Ä140.80)

Geta, 209 - c. 26 December 211 A.D.

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Minerva, equated with the Greek Athena, was the Roman virgin warrior goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic, and the inventor of music. She was worshiped on the Capitoline Hill as one of the Capitoline Triad along with Jupiter and Juno.
RS88433. Silver denarius, RIC IV 105(a); RSC III 83; BMCRE V p. 302, 751; Hunter III p. 77, 55; SRCV II 7181, Choice VF, nice portrait, well centered, old collection toning, flow lines, edge crack, weight 3.263 g, maximum diameter 19.9 mm, die axis 0o, Laodicea ad Mare (Latakia, Syria) mint, c. 202 - 203 A.D.; obverse P SEPTIMIVS GETA CAES, bare headed, draped bust right, seen from behind; reverse MINERV SANCT (sacred Minerva), Minerva standing half left, resting right hand on shield, inverted spear in left hand; scarce; $120.00 (Ä105.60)

Julia Domna, Augusta 194 - 8 April 217 A.D.

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Laetitia is the Roman goddess of gaiety and joy, her name deriving from the root word laeta, meaning happy. She is typically depicted on coinage with a wreath in her right hand, and a scepter, a rudder, or an anchor in her left hand. On the coins of empresses, Laetitia may signal a birth in the Imperial family.
RS92478. Silver denarius, RIC IV S641, RSC III 101, Hunter III 65, Choice VF, well centered and struck, toned, flow lines, minor die wear, tiny edge cracks, weight 3.440 g, maximum diameter 20.0 mm, die axis 0o, Laodicea ad Mare (Latakia, Syria) mint, c. 210 A.D.; obverse IVLIA AVGVSTA, draped bare-headed bust right, hair in horizontal ridges, flat coil at the back of head, annulet earring on cheek, annulet at top of drapery on neck; reverse LAETITIA, Laetitia standing facing, head left, wreath in right hand, rudder in left hand; from the Errett Bishop Collection; $100.00 (Ä88.00)


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Laodicea ad Mare