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Ravens and Crows on Ancient Coins

Apollo's lover Coronis was pregnant with his child, Asclepius. A white raven (or crow) which he had left to watch her informed him that she had an affair. Angered that the bird had not pecked out her lover's eyes, Apollo flung a curse scorching its feathers, which is why all ravens (or crows) are black today. Apollo also had Coronis killed but saved his child.

Britannicus, Son of Claudius and Messalina, b. 12 February 41 - d. 11 February 55 A.D., Alabanda, Caria

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Of this type, RPC I notes, "Uncertain. This coin was published by Mi 3.307.22, and is known from a Mionnet cast. The coin [the Mionnet specimen] has been tooled ('médaille retourchée') but may perhaps represent a genuine denomination." Our coin allays the RPC I doubts. The denomination is 1/3 of 18.5g RPC I 2818.
SH88430. Orichalcum AE 23, RPC I 2821 (= Mionnet III, p. 307, 22), F, porous, weight 6.496 g, maximum diameter 23.3 mm, die axis 0o, Alabanda (Doganyurt, Aydin, Turkey) mint, 50 - 54 A.D.; obverse KΛAV∆IOC BPETANNIKOC KAIΣAP, bare-headed and draped bust right; reverse AΛABAN∆EΩN, Apollo Kissios standing left, nude, bow in right hand with raven on top, sheep standing left at feet on left ; ex Forum (2013), ex J. S. Wagner Collection; of greatest rarity; $990.00 (€871.20)

Dyrrhachion, Illyria, Greece, Roman Protectorate, 229 - 30 B.C.

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After the decisive defeat of the Illyrians to Rome in 229 B.C., the new Roman rulers renamed the city. The original name, Epidamnos, was similar to the Latin word damnum, meaning "loss" or "harm." Dyrrhachion is Greek for "bad spine" or "difficult ridge," probably referring to imposing cliffs near the city. This type circulated alongside, and presumably at parity with, Roman Republican denarii.
MA93700. Silver drachm, Ceka 320; BMC Thessaly p. 69, 62, weight 2.528 g, maximum diameter 16.8 mm, Dyrrhachium (Durrës, Albania) mint, 229 - 30 B.C.; obverse MENIΣKOΣ, cow right, head turned back toward suckling calf left, raven above; reverse ∆YP − ∆IO−NY−ΣIOY, around, double stellate pattern within double linear square; $24.50 (€21.56)

Freiburg (Habsburg), Germany, 1368 - 1399 A.D.

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Freiburg was founded in 1120 as a free market town; hence its name. Frei means "free", and Burg was used for an incorporated city or town, usually one with some degree of autonomy. In the 13th century, after the counts of Freiburg raised taxes and sought to limit the citizens' freedom, the Freiburgers used catapults to destroy the count's castle atop the hill overlooking the city center. In 1368, the citizens were fed up with their lords, and purchased the city's independence. The city turned itself over to the Habsburgs, who allowed a large measure of freedom. Most of the nobles of the city died in the battle of Sempach in 1386. The patrician family Schnewlin took control of the city. The guilds revolted and became more powerful than the patricians by 1389.
ME89564. Silver bracteate, Bonhoff 1790, de Wit 2508, Löbbecke -, gVF, toned, weight 0.162 g, maximum diameter 16.2 mm, Freiburg mint, late 14th century; obverse head of raven left, crescent to left; reverse incuse reverse of obverse; ex CNG e-auction 247 (12 Jan 2011), lot 430; SOLD


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Ravens and Crows